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New* Genesis Gen2

We are proud to announce the release if the Gen2 Genesis rifle. Limited to 10 units, the Genesis is our flagship rifle built on a billet aluminum frame, consisting of only the finest if components for our most demanding customer.

Genesis Rifle

The first rifle in the Oxgoad line is the Genesis rifle. This was our “flagship” rifle and we only produced 7 of them, since the number 7 is consistently reference in the Bible. The design for this gun was inspired by a tireless AR-15 build that one of the owners worked on for nearly 2 years, finding just the right parts for his “perfect” AR-15.

Exodus Rifle

The Genesis was a success, not only as a rifle but as a learning experience for us, it allowed us to learn a little more about each other and a whole lot more about business. We created a high-end rifle in the Genesis, sparring not expense, but we still didn’t accomplish our value driven goal. Thus, the Exodus was born.

Exodus Models Starting at $999.99

Leviticus Rifle

So, the Exodus was a hit, with variants like the Exodus Hunter, the Exodus SBR, and the Exodus Pistol we were off to the races, but we couldn’t just sit back and relax, we had to apply our model to more platforms and failure was not an option. Enter the Leviticus! The Leviticus was born from countless requests and feedback from our customers.


Since 1993


Mission Statement

Oxgoad Arms, a faith and family based company was founded by two men with a simple idea- build quality, custom AMERICAN made rifles at a reasonable price while providing the best possible customer relations. As each rifle is built by hand, one at a time, we realize that buyers are not just customers but friends.


Since 1993

What Our Customers Say

“I wanted a top quality, totally reliable S.H.T.F. gun and Oxgoad Arms built me a beauty.

The Exodus is constructed with all U.S.A. parts, many made in Pennsylvania, including the superbly accurate Shaw barrel and 12 degree ported muzzle break.

Being partnered with Pittsburgh Cerakote I got a top of the line coating of my design choice.

Adding ambi parts, custom trigger and sighting system gave me a great carbine at a very reasonable price.

Thanks to partners Mike and Chris for a fine job.”

-Charley B.